Thanks for visiting Fright Trail’s website, especially this page because here we get the chance to tell you about the Trail’s other purpose.

Fright Trail is the brainchild of Literacy Inc, a non-profit organization based in Louisiana. Since its inception in 2007, Literacy Inc.’s mission has been to fight the growing illiteracy rate in America’s teens. We’ve pushed towards that goal by offering motivational speeches, free books, an annual literacy challenge with cash prizes, and the opportunity for students nationwide to compete for and win a free college education.

Currently, however, the focus is on our home state as we undertake one of our most ambitious projects to date: getting an eReader into the hands of every public high school student in Louisiana!

A worthwhile venture to be sure, but it carries a cold, hard financial reality. In order to make this happen, Literacy Inc must raise 14 million dollars. How can this possibly be accomplished in these tough economic times? Adding weight to that challenge is the fact that our org is focused on literacy-not exactly the charity de jour. With so little attention given to reading these days, we’re already at a disadvantage. We simply can’t compete for the ever-shrinking sponsor dollar when pitted against sports, politics, or save-the-whale endeavors. Knowing this, we decided to take an unconventional route to raise the money needed for our eReader project.

Instead of nickel and diming our way to our goal, we’re focusing on two major events that, with your help, will provide the funds we need over time and on a consistent basis.

As you may have already guessed, Fright Trail is one of those events. This unique and terrifyingly intense haunted trail will be an annual event, open each weekend throughout the month of October. Our visitors will not only experience bone-chilling, blood-curdling scares, they’ll be helping us blaze a new trail towards a brighter future for Louisiana.

Help us spread the word, will you? Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, but most importantly, gather your family and friends and come out and join us this October . . . if you dare!


Can YOU make it through?

Oh, yes-you’re probably wondering about the second project we mentioned earlier, right? Well, we’ve decided to keep it a Secret for now. Just know that Project #2 will be an experience like none other, and rest assured, you’ll be hearing more about it very soon!

To learn more about Literacy Inc, please visit our website at www.literacyinc.com

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