As we celebrate our 10th year, Fright Trail is one of Louisiana’s largest…scariest…most fun…and best loved Haunted Halloween Attractions.

Open weekend nights in October, Fright Trail is 20 acres of Deep, Dark, Haunted woods.

You and your group will enjoy Halloween sights and sounds…props and animatronics…displays…sets…and scenes…and of course plenty of scare actors just waiting to get their chance to scare you as you make your way through these deep, dark, foreboding woods…what could possibly go wrong?

An average trip through the Fright Trail will generally take 35 min…but when asked how long it takes we will answer by asking “how fast will you be running? lol.

A Fright Trail Ticket costs $25 and we accept cash only. There is a double teller ATM on site. We do not sell online tickets. All tickets must be purchased at one of the two box office windows.

Water, soft drinks, snacks, Glow products and tee shirts will also be available…so bring more!!!

Robin Chapman from Cumulus Broadcasting and WWE Legend Mick Foley at Fright Trail

Fright Trail 10th Anniversary