To all of our friends, family, and fans, welcome to Fright Trail 2024…..our 13th year of Fun and Fear.

First…thank you to everyone who came out and supported us over the last 3 years. With Covid in full swing, virtually NOTHING was open. Nothing except Fright Trail. In addition to our thanks, we want you to know how seriously we took that responsibility. From Covid protocols to port-a-john sanitation after every use to giant light towers to elevated risers for the extra Police we hired….please understand that YOUR SAFETY was, and continues to be, our main concern. Thank you for the trust you have put in us. We will continue to do our best to earn that trust.

In addition to new sets, scenes, props, and animatronics, all designed to give you the Fright of your life, Fright Trail has taken on the biggest challenge of all—-The Real Scare . . .YOUR SAFETY

For the purpose of protecting you . . . our fans . . . our most valuable asset, Fright Trail has installed a second airport grade metal detector on site. Every person, regardless of age, will be required to walk through our metal detector. So the motto is simple. ..LEAVE IT, LOCK IT, OR LOSE IT… to the police who will be manning the security check points. If it doesn’t fit in your pocket…leave it in your vehicle or don’t bring it.

Fright Trail prohibits guns (even concealed carry), knives, mace, and pepper spray, box cutters, rat tail combs etc. In addition, as with other fairs and festivals, NO BAGS, NO PURSES, NO BACKPACKS… nor anything that is deemed dangerous by the Scott Police Dept.

Fright Trail’s goal has always been to provide Acadiana with the very best scary, yet fun event for your Halloween entertainment. Now, as always, you can come to Fright Trail, bring the kids, bring the entire family and friends—knowing that you’ll be entering a safe environment.

All the best
Fright Trail

Join us for our Frights without Lights Nights!

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